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White Woman Black Music

White Woman Black Music is an honest and funky homage to Black music and Black musicians. Dr. Gayle Serdan’s original compositions and arrangements not only illustrate her knowledge of traditional Black music, but her passion and respect for it. With noticeable nods to innovators like Dr. Lonnie Smith of the Jazz organ world and Tupac Shakur of the Hip-Hop world, White Woman Black Music is a perfect blend, an intergenerational and inter-genre conversation that will attract the attention of Jazz fans and Hip-Hop heads alike. Serdan’s mastery of the Hammond organ is soulful and dynamic, her musical narrative as raw and honest as the album's title. White Woman Black Music is required listening.
Gayle brings together a group of talented musicians from the Jazz and Hip-Hop world and together they groove with precision, sophistication and style.
Gayle Serdan -Hammond Organ and Melodion
Yarone Levy-Guitar
Jennifer Leitham-String Bass
Dion Neuble-Drums 

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